chapter  4.1
Case study: Alibaba group
A successful Chinese and international digital business giant?
ByMario Glowik
Pages 10

This chapter explains a case study of Alibaba group that provides practical insights into the art of thriving as a global business. Alibaba Group has become one of the most powerful e-commerce business companies. The firm was established by an English teacher named Jack Ma in 1999 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. The aim was to launch a website that would help small Chinese exporters and entrepreneurs to sell their products. An important millstone occurred in 2005, when Alibaba Group formed a strategic partnership with Yahoo. The largest online commerce company went public in 2014, when it launched its IPO. Today, the company and its segment businesses operate wholesale and retail online marketplaces in addition to Internet-based businesses, which offer advertising, electronic payment, cloud-based computing, network services, and others. The financial results of Alibaba Group show its dominant position as the world's largest retailer with revenues of 101,143 million yuan, overtaking its competitor, Walmart.