chapter  31
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Changing food habits in contemporary India: discourses and practices from the middle classes in Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

ByMichaël Bruckert

Introduction In 2014, while campaigning for the general elections, Narendra Modi, the candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party1 (who was elected as the fifteenth Prime Minister of India on 16 May), blamed the ruling Congress Party for having orchestrated a ‘pink revolution’, namely a boom in meat production epitomised by India’s new position as the largest beef exporter in the world.2 Such an attack may sound puzzling, uttered by a politician who wants to put India on the tracks of prosperity with the help of private investments and the invisible hand of the market. But Modi is a Hindu nationalist, inspired by an ideological movement well known for its anti-Muslim and anti-cow slaughter rhetoric and activism.3