chapter  5
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Psychological Treatment

Reflections on a Psychoanalytic Perspective to Work with Human Trafficking
WithPaola M. Contreras

In this chapter, the author discusses a range of psychoanalytic theories and philosophies that relate to the dynamics of human trafficking. She attempts to situate human trafficking in the intrapsychic and intersubjective space. The author deals with a review of the history of psychoanalysis and its challenges to respond to social issues. She draws on G. W. F. Hegel’s Master–Slave dialectic to outline the perpetration dynamics of human trafficking. The author also deals with reflections on how she has used a combined intersubjective and liberation psychology perspective to engage with individuals who have experienced exploitation. She highlights case examples of sex trafficking and trafficking for manual labor. The author describes the human trafficking experience. She also discusses thoughts on the unconscious and working with trauma. The author offers brief case examples of her clinical work with survivors of sex trafficking and trafficking for manual labor, as well as examples from the media.