chapter  7
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(Net)roots of Belonging: Contemporary Discourses of (In)valuability and Post-Racial Citizenship in the United States

ByMegan Elizabeth Morrissey

Neoliberalism has gained a foothold in U.S. policy and practice, and maintains the advantages of those already privileged within the global community. In this essay, I argue that national discourses of (in)valuability, informed by and in the service of neoliberalism and post-racial citizenship, (1) establish cultural understandings that invest the (white) U.S. nation with increasing levels of worth, (2) demonstrate migrants’ value as investors and protectors of such privilege, and (3) devalue U.S. minorities. Ultimately, many migrants’ personal stories about their value participate in national narratives assigning worth to some bodies and burden to others in ways that reinforce existing social hierarchies.