chapter  11
Mining, property, and the reordering of socionatural relations in Peru
ByMatthew Himley
Pages 19

This chapter discusses the property dynamics within the broader literature on land and resource privatisation. It provides an overview of long-term shifts in land-tenure legislation in Peru and highlights linkages between property, identity, and power that are significant for understanding the recent neoliberal turn in property regimes. The chapter focuses on the Pierina case and the micro-politics of the firm's land-acquisition program. It explores how the process of property formalisation that accompanied mine development shaped the socio-spatial organisation of Barrick's social development programs. The chapter also discusses the ongoing importance of land and property in the struggles that mining has provoked at Pierina. It also highlights the importance of placing changing property relations at the center of investigations into the socionatural transformations generated by large-scale mining. For Peru's mining industry, the implications of neoliberal reforms were dramatic, as a renewed flurry of interest in the country's extensive mineral deposits - located principally in the Andean region - soon materialised.