chapter  12
Public Private Partnership in Italy: State of art, trends and proposals
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The concept of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Taiwan can be traced back to the Chinese Qing dynasty over a century ago when Governor Liu Ming-chuan petitioned the government to permit the private sector to raise money for constructing railroads from northern to southern Taiwan. Based on the valuable experience obtained in the first mega PPP project, the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects was promulgated in 2000 and became the institutional framework for PPPs in Taiwan. Formal institutions are classified as 'contractual' and 'legal'. For contractual aspects, the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance provides model contracts for each PPP type, e.g. BOO (build-own-operate). The National PPP Taskforce was established in 2000 under the Public Construction Commission (PCC) which is the highest administrative organ in charge of public works development in Taiwan. An analysis of authorities in charge shows that fifty two percent of all cases were administered by the central government.