chapter  14
Public Private Partnership in Malaysia
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Public investment in infrastructure plays an important role in Turkey. The sectors which benefited from this include the transportation, water and energy sectors. In addition to public resources, alternative financial models such as Public Private Partnership (PPP) have been used to fund infrastructure investment. The first legal regulations that supported the creation of infrastructure projects and services by the private sector were passed in the 1980s, and the next section discusses the origin and drivers of PPP in Turkey. Turkey's tenth Development Plan (DP), covering the 2014-2018 period, is one of the key policy papers the Turkish parliament has approved. The High Planning Council, which is composed of various ministers and meets under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, investigates the feasibility of Build-Operate-Transfer and Built-Lease projects and makes authorization decisions. In Turkey, PPP models, such as Built-Operate-Transfer, Built-Operate, Built-Lease, Transfer of Operational Rights, have been implemented in various sectors since 1984.