chapter  5
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Managing creative relationship and the related approvals process remains a defining task for the producer. Working in reality often requires more leaps of faith, more managing of expectations, and deft navigation through creative workflows largely due to the unique issues involved with using non-professionals on camera. In genres such as product testimonials, there are the added challenges of managing approvals with multiple creative teams such as a production company, an advertising agency, and an in-house marketing group. In other non-fiction genres, such as advocacy or corporate, there are layers of organizational leadership engaged in the creative process at different approval points. In the documentary genre there are a multitude of players, including the originating producer's company, various co-producers, funders, and distributors. Everyone with skin in the game is a relationship to be cultivated. This chapter shows some key elements of the process: The producer is trying to do all of this management work and still gets creative vision achieved.