chapter  8
Pages 12

If speaking is important to the story line, try to avoid interrupting the

natural flow. For example, in a hospital check-in situation, you can

pre-light the room for the exam, and say to the nurse well in advance

of the patient’s arrival, “Just ignore us and check Sarah as you nor-

mally would.” Of course there is still artifice in the scene, since you

will have had to get permission from the doctor’s office, from the

nurse, and from Sarah herself or her parents if she’s a minor. The

scene might require using a wireless microphone on the nurse, if

she is a major character in your story. Boom microphones can be

intimidating. But putting a wireless mic on every patient will hardly

be an option. So you may have to compromise on some of your

secondary character audio, or let your boom operator know exactly

which dialogue is absolutely critical to the story line.