chapter  10
Some observations and conclusions
ByScott Leckie
Pages 4

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. Since the adoption of the Peninsula principles on 18 August 2013, S. Leckie and LeckieScott have received extensive and growing attention from climate change experts, lawyers, UN agencies, governments, grassroots groups, non governmental organisations (NGOs) and communities that are already enduring climate displacement. The principles have been taught in some of the world's leading law schools and shared with hundreds of government officials from more than 50 countries. Experts from NGOs such as displacement solutions have worked in and examined in detail the climate displacement that is already well under way in many countries. As a process and as a logical choice, migration for individuals and households to ostensibly better horizons has already long before climate change came around had a major influence on the shape of societies the world over and has for many, resulted in better and freer lives.