chapter  5
Sound (design)
ByDavid Roesner
Pages 9

The notion of sound design in theatre includes sound effects, ambiences, music, and amplification and is used both for the process of crafting sonic events – and thus directing and manipulating an audience's attention – and for the finished design. Historically, the notion of sound design focused on sound effects – predominantly thunder and gunshots, it would seem, if people look at Collison's The Sound of Theatre: A History (2008). To begin with, sound design starts with theatre architecture and/or outdoor venue and anything a subsequent designer does within a given space is already framed by a specific constellation of acoustic properties and listening situations. Sound design is thus determined by place as much as it can create or evoke place. Furthermore it is not only the place that has an impact on sound design, but also the space as a "practiced place" in its realization and use.