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ByAlexander Horstmann

This chapter focuses on the checkpoint as an aspect of a militarized border. Hence, the checkpoint as a fixed materiality is supplemented by dispersed mobile checkpoints which seek to apprehend perpetrators, before they reach "targets," attempting to lodge in the person itself. It argues an apparatus that operates in the conjecture of two modalities of the apprehension of violence; recollection and anticipation. The chapter also argues that a "checkpoint" is a particular axis of a militarized border that deserves attention and elaboration. Sandwiched in time between these two checkpoint bombings was yet another dark episode, which allows the author to offer further evidence of a fresh triangulation of targets; checkpoints and bodies. Yet, the body remains available to be checked and reports of arrests at the airport of former Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam cadres returning to the country continue to surface. The chapter provides some historical and ethnological detail as an explanatory lead.