chapter  8
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The fi rst and “largest” resource in the Russian doll model of layers of resourcing is attunement, which provides the container or energetic envelope that frames the therapeutic work of CRM. In CRM this is conceptualised as three levels of attuned relationship, all of which are of equal value and importance. The three types of attunement utilised are between: therapists and their clients, therapists and all parts of themselves, and between the clients and all parts of themselves. Attunement as a resource draws our attention to the perceptual and attentional skills that therapists need to cultivate, as well as an understanding of the power of the resonance fi eld that shapes communication between and within two bodies. This resource is of absolute necessity in order to provide psychotherapy at its highest degree of effi cacy regardless of the modality being utilised; in CRM all three levels of attunement are crucial to a positive outcome. Attunement can be defi ned as: conscious attention to the quality of connection being expressed between two separate individuals or being states, a feeling of being “at one” with another being in a harmonious way, or a responsive relationship that adjusts to facilitate accord or harmony. There is also the more painful sensing of another’s distress that occurs with empathic attunement; for example, a mother having a sense of what is wrong with her child and responding to minimise the discomfort of both. However, the mother can only rest in a secure state of “being to being” with the little one, and protect them from any impingements, if she too is protected by others who are attuned to her needs.