chapter  9
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Breathing is the inspiration of life within all living forms of reality. In humans, breathing is the natural, biological basis and connective expression that renews life, propels awareness and regulates body-mind functioning in time and space. Respiration may be involuntary (autonomic) or it may be a conscious, even mindful, experience. Conscious, or intentional, breathing engenders somatic and emotional awareness, increased resonance with disparate parts of self and promotes a more robust relationship between a person’s inner and outer worlds (Youst, 2013). Inner breath, an individual’s life force or “ prana ”, as opposed to the normal respiration (outer breath) is spoken about in Tibetan yoga (Ray, 2014). Through the visualisation of breath, prana can be directed to any part of the body. Where we direct our focused attention, prana will go; in essence where attention goes, breath goes, and where breath goes energy moves.