chapter  10
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Sacred place

The use of the resource of Sacred Place, or Special Place, allows for neurobiological support without the overt request for client-identifi ed somatic body sensations, eloquently described by Taylor (2011) above. It is particularly useful for clients who are unable to engage in breathing skills or resource grids due to their fear of embodiment and who are therefore faced with the challenge of remaining fully conscious in the present moment when starting the work. When intentional breathing and resource grids result in the client being unable to simply dissociate from emotional feelings, the fear of the psychotherapy work (remembering, feeling fully and healing) may become a signifi cant source of activation and distress. The Sacred Place resource allows these fears, which “stop” process and progress in the therapy, to be neutralised effectively. Without the ability to address these initial fears, any further ego state work or trauma work will be severely compromised and the client will appear to the treatment provider as resistant or hopeless. The word “Sacred” may be uncomfortable for a client to relate to; therefore the alternative “Special” place is suggested in such cases.