chapter  15
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The core self in CRM: Theoretical aspects

The experience of CRM Core Self can often bring an experience of contact with the “Ground of Being” (Beauregard, 2013), which is felt as beyond the boundaries of the individual. Having described the clinical pathway to the emergence of CRM Core Self awareness and the healing applications of the eye position associated with the CRM Core Self, this chapter focuses on the wider theoretical implications of this practical discovery. We describe different theoretical constructs of the Self, and through comparison with other hypothetical and neuroscientifi c models consider what special characteristics uniquely defi ne the CRM Core Self. Throughout this chapter the term CRM Core Self is used exclusively to describe the experience within CRM; where Core Self is used, this denotes the postulate from other theoretical models. We propose that for the CRM Core Self the object of the cortical awareness is the core non-intentional brainstem state and that this discriminated attentional focus constitutes a way of being which has wider resonances as it may include a sense of connection with the “Ground of Being”.