chapter  7
Teacher Education in a Democracy
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The paper ‘Teacher Education in a Democracy’ by Pearson asks the question does a commitment to a democratic society have implications for the kind of teacher education that should take place in that society? Pearson argues that such a commitment does have implications for teacher education, but that there needs to be further exploration of what we mean by a democratic society and discussion of what some of the essential points about teacher education are. Pearson claims that the development of refl ective, critical thought in teacher candidates becomes a central concern in teacher education. Central to the conception of Pearson’s argument is the capacity for rational and refl ective thought, and his claim is that to meet this requirement a democratic society will establish schools, on a nondiscriminatory basis, that must develop this capacity. In Pearson’s thinking, to reproduce a democratic society, teacher education programs need to ensure that this capacity is developed in teacher education programs. The conception of teacher education, Pearson claims, makes it clear that the development of this capacity ought to be central to teacher education.