chapter  Case study 2
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Implementing activity-based working in the Netherlands

WithJan Gerard Hoendervanger

The company buys gas from domestic and foreign producers and on the open gas market. Because of its strong purchasing position, GasTerra is an important link in the energy supply chain in the Netherlands and Western Europe. GasTerra employs around 200 people, who work at its office in Groningen, the Netherlands. Most employees are higher-educated professionals who fit the typical profile of modern knowledge workers, combining highly interactive with highly autonomous work activities. GasTerra's Mission is: to maximise the value of natural gas reserves in the Netherlands. The objectives underlying the relocation project indicate that the introduction of 'New-Style Working' was an important driver for GasTerra. The new work environment was meant to facilitate the work in a more effective way and to promote intended behaviours. An activity-based working (ABW) concept was developed, based on the following intentions and assumptions: increase workplace flexibility, and more functional diversity in workplaces.