chapter  Case study 4
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Benchmarking key aspects of CREAM

The Middle East-based RICS/MECO study
WithNick Nunnington

This chapter presents an overview of a study that was undertaken by Dr Barry Haynes and Professor Nick Nunnington on behalf of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Middle East Council for Offices (MECO) in the Middle East. RICS is a professional body, originating in the UK but now a global presence with around 120,000 members worldwide. One of the stated aims of the research is to create a dataset that can provide a benchmark for the Middle East, or a particular country within the region. For a number of reasons, including security protocols, the number of responses from countries outside the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was less than had been hoped for. For benchmarking purposes the three core elements of the survey relating to facilities, environmental issues and social dynamics are likely to produce the most revealing aspects of where that organisation is positioned in respect of the UAE benchmark.