chapter  Case study 7
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Co-working in action

JustCo Singapore
WithNick Nunnington, Jonathan Wright, Eugene Tan

The growth in Asia has been predominantly due to changing ways of working for many established corporates, coupled with investment in startups. This has seen growth in Hong Kong and mainland China, with many firms positioning themselves within China or in close proximity in an attempt to create a gateway into China's huge internal market. This has created demand for a more progressive operator to be successful in offering an element of co-working in their models, as opposed to the traditional serviced office model. It examines co-working in action in Singapore. Actions were taken to address the comments raised: Emails were subsequently sent to individual clients informing them about these improvements. JustCo brings together a wide variety of talented entrepreneurs and small businesses, and encourages them to interact with each other. Co-working can also be complimentary to traditional space, offering integrated flexibility as well as innovation and connectivity within a single development.