chapter  2
Understanding the business environment
Pages 33

This chapter explores the significant drivers, issues and trends that are both shaping Corporate Real Estate Asset Management (CREAM) as a discipline and the businesses that CREAM supports. It examines different sources in the period following the global financial crisis (GFC) as part of our study of emerging trends. The Smart Workplace in 2030 report produced by Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Innovation, recognised some strategic challenges for the FM industry that people concur with. The chapter introduces a number of strategic analytical techniques that can be used by the CREAM manager to establish and evaluate the potential impacts of the main drivers for change in the business environment. It focuses on the methodology and many involve Professor Ratcliffe's work and the Futures Academy. The chapter deals with the continuing theme that change is no longer linear, and all managers, including CREAM managers, are going to have to embrace both rapid and disruptive step change.