chapter  Case study 9
Headquarter reconfiguration
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
WithDanny S.S. Then
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The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) is one of the largest racing organisations in the world. Horse racing is the most popular spectator sport in Hong Kong and through its subsidiaries the Club is the only authorised operator of horse racing. The HKJC is a company limited by guarantee with no shareholders and obtains its net earnings from racing and betting. The project site is the headquarter building (HQ) of the Club located on Hong Kong island. The HQ building, constructed in 1995, has 17 floors with a basement level, housing the corporate executives and heads of functional departments and their staff. The Property Department reports to the executive director for membership services and property. The Property Department management team comprise of the head of property with four functional managers with responsibilities for estate, planning and design, operation and maintenance, and contracts management.