chapter  7
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Selecting appropriate locations, buildings and configurations

This chapter outlines the strategic space planning alignment process, which aims to ensure the accommodation and workplace provision meets the demands of the organisation. It examines in our case studies the use of mobile applications, which makes the process much easier. The chapter explores how the world of work is changing and how, in undertaking a relocation project, the Corporate Real Estate Asset Management (CREAM) professional should be fully briefed in these changes and examine how they might support positive change, increased staff satisfaction, engagement and retention and ultimately productivity. In the context of corporate real estate (CRE), the place component can relate to macro decision-making factors for example, which country and which city the corporate head office should be located in. It can relate to micro decision-making factors such as specifications of the building and layout required in office environment. In an increasingly distributed world the term place is evolving from fixed, static locations to hubs and interaction nodes.