chapter  7
Assembly and disassembly
ByAndrew Cochrane
Pages 13

Assembly and disassembly must be viewed as critically important twin practices, associated with the coming together and dissolution of matter, with movement and flow. On 26 February 2001, Mullah Omer, the Taliban leader in Afghanistan, ordered the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas and they were attacked with rockets, tank shells and dynamite in an attempt to erase them. In total it took twenty days of sustained work. After their destruction, Mullah Omer sacrificed hundred cows as an act of atonement for the eleven centuries in which the Buddhas were not erased. In 1950, Akira Kurosawa released his groundbreaking film, Rashomon. The plot involved a murder in which four people describe what happened in fragmented, complimentary and contradictory ways. Offering 4 was discovered in 1955 within an elliptical pit, and comprised sixteen stone sculptures in an upright position. They are all about the same height and face each other in a semi-circle.