chapter  5
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Postanarchism today

Anarchism and political theory
WithSaul Newman

Anarchism may be understood as both a subject of disciplinary enquiry, as well as an insurrection against all disciplines. Anarchism was always much more sensitive to the problem than Marxism, for instance. Anarchism must be prepared to work on multiple fronts, and in collaboration – as anarchists so often do anyway – with a variety of actors and in a variety of non-institutional and institutional settings. Formulating anarchism as a politics of anti-politics highlights anarchism’s wholly original and radical contribution to political theory, indeed to the very concept of the political itself. Anarchism or postanarchism contends that the autonomy of the political can only mean a politics of autonomy, in which new possibilities of life and co-belonging can emerge. Anarchism provides the terrain for a genuinely non-sovereign political theory. Normative political theory – as a form of moral philosophizing – is concerned with the most legitimate and just form of social arrangement.