chapter  3
Bridging the duality between universities and the academic profession: a tale of protected spaces, strategic gaming, and institutional entrepreneurs
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This chapter examines the existing literature on organizational change in the context of higher education, highlighting the importance of understanding one's institution and the sustainability of changes. It discusses three cases of introducing innovative technology to change organizational culture. The first case involves the use of Wiki, an online collaborative platform, to facilitate group project work in a course. The second case discusses and compares two types of social media, blogs and Facebook, on their effectiveness in facilitating knowledge management (KM) and promoting a culture of mutual support in the context of students' summer internships. The third case discusses a newly accepted proposal that combines face-to-face lectures and online classes to cater to students' increasingly diversified off-campus learning experiences and any difference in individual students' learning paces in two undergraduate programmes. The chapter analyses organizational change from an etic perspective, relating the significance of structural change in bringing about such cultural changes.