chapter  6
Institutional (teaching) entrepreneurs wanted! – Considerations on the professoriate’s agentic potency to enhance academic teaching in Germany
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This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book focuses on some of the broader issues in relation to academic staff, universities as organizations, and teaching and learning in higher education. Distance learners may be exposed to different forms of higher education organizations than conventional universities, such as publishers, and with so many other ways of acquiring new knowledge, not everyone now regards universities as a major organizational means of acquiring post-school education, as the meaning of to being educated' continues to change. The book explores how institutional logics can create some protected spaces for academics and their teaching if negotiated carefully. Technologies of various kinds have long supported teaching and learning, even before the days of the internet. The rise of social media, as Chu and Mok observe, has also had significant effects on teaching as a teaching tool.