chapter  9
Organizing teaching in project teacher teams across established disciplines using wearable technology: digital didactical designing, a new form of practice
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In the internet-driven world, one factor has changed that has an enormous impact on our current understanding of the nature of teaching and learning and its organization in education. This changing factor is ubiquitous access to information through mobile technology. More people have better access to information with easy-to-use mobile devices, any time and anywhere; we have potentially all information always at hand, via our media devices. Such a simplesounding development has a tremendous impact on learning. Traditionally, information and communication technology (ICT) was segregated from the teaching classroom, for example, in computer labs. This segregation has changed with the advent of smaller flexible devices. There is a shift from separating ICT and education to co-located settings where mobile technology becomes part of the classroom; both have merged into new teaching spaces that expand the space for communication and social interaction into multi-existing co-located communication spaces: CrossActionSpaces (Jahnke, 2016). These new spaces, which have emerged from sociotechnical actions, provide new possibilities for teaching and learning.