chapter  12
Boundary crossing and maintenance among UK and Dutch bioscientists: towards hybrid identities of academic entrepreneurs
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Recent changes in the institutional environment, namely the New Public Management-inspired reforms and increasing requirements for commercialization and student employability, may lead to blurring boundaries between science and industry and lead towards conflicts in academic responses. Further, the traditional ‘scholar’ notion of an academic is shifting towards that of an academic entrepreneur (Lam, 2010, 2011; Link and Siegel, 2007). Despite ample recent evidence that academics’ commercial and entrepreneurial activities, such as patenting and starting spin-off companies (especially in biosciences and engineering), are increasing, it is still unclear to what extent traditional academic work and output are combined with services and entrepreneurship in these disciplines. In other words, whether life scientists have given up their academic roles or have retained them and, if so, to what extent, needs to be explored.