Organizing academic work in higher education: teaching, learning, and identities – an introduction
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This chapter presents selected intermediate findings from research that originally set out to investigate into four award-winning German universities' endeavours to make teaching count. It commences with the findings in the form of four vignettes of outstanding personalities and their crusade to advance teaching within their universities: the originating entrepreneurs and champions of the awarded teaching initiatives. The chapter investigates why and how they achieved their agency to eventually change their institutional environments. The first vignette portrays two male professors of economics who as a dynamic duo' turned their small university of applied sciences upside down. The second vignette portrays a former businessman in the engineering sector turned managerialist dean' at the faculty of mechanical engineering at a university of applied sciences. The third vignette portrays a male professor of ecological engineering who is genuinely concerned with the didactics of teaching itself. The last vignette reflects on a professor of electrical engineering and information technology at a top-performing research university.