chapter  20
Medical hotels: an approach to sustainable health in the leisure industry
ByKai Illing
Pages 15

The history of people who set out on a journey in search of health is very old (Smith and Puczkó, 2014: 29). The term ‘medical tourism’, which involves the specic consumption of medical services, describes this segment of the market. Crooks et al. (2010: 266) denes the term as follows: ‘Medical tourism is understood as travel abroad with the intention of obtaining non-emergent medical services’. This denition fails to highlight that a large part of academic research concentrates on a type of medical tourism that takes place in hospitals. Such research frequently overlooks the fact that hotels can also be the destination of medical tourists. In the broadest sense, a medical hotel oers travellers not only board and lodging in a convenient hotel atmosphere, but also medical care. Thus, two totally dierent types of establishment try to attract guests from abroad.