chapter  2
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Pedagogy-in-Participation: the search for a holistic praxis

ByJúlia Formosinho, João Formosinho

This chapter sets out to present Pedagogy-in-Participation, an educational pedagogical perspective that sits in the family of participatory pedagogies. This presentation of a specific approach to pedagogy development is done through a journey that encompasses a democratic worldview, on which it is primarily founded. This is followed by the identification of the pedagogical axes that inspire the creation of educational intentionality for children’s daily experiential learning. The acknow - ledgement of the educational environment as a second educator takes us to the analysis of some of the criteria we use for its organisation and unfolds the pedagogic dimensions that are constituents of the learning context and form its educational tapestry. For the purpose of this book, among those dimensions we highlight pedagogic documentation that supports pedagogic assessment and evaluation as fully presented in Chapter 6.