chapter  5
Political didactics and political education in Germany
ByGeorg Weisseno
Pages 13

The publication of more systematic research-based results on political didactics refuting the conclusions previously drawn from individual observations is an improvement. A more realistic picture of the reality of teaching politics can only be developed by theory-driven research. For education studies in general, Anderson et al. identifies a goal that could also be relevant to the didactics of politics: If progress is made to a more scientific approach, traditional educational philosophies will be found to be like the doctrines of folk medicine: They contain some elements of truth and some elements of misinformation. Political didactics was quick to introduce concrete proposals incorporating every current political diagnosis of the age, such as globalization, technology assessment, influence of new media, and social inequality. Democracy educationalist aims to build democratic thinking and to awaken the readiness to accept responsibility in school and in the local community. The idealistic image of the active citizen shaped the goals and formed a link in the 1960s.