chapter  6
Citizenship education in Spain
Rethinking perspectives
ByMaria Puig, Juan Antonio Morales
Pages 15

This chapter shows how citizenship education is understood in Spain, how it is approached from the point of view of educational legislation, its social implications and academic opinion about its development. Citizenship education is consistent with European education policies that are committed to the development of lifelong learning. From its origin, the European Union (EU) has exerted effort to develop quality education, which is considered an important factor in social and economic progress, in every member state. Educational centers must serve as main channels for the education of new citizens, as well as developers of education that connect agents with environments. The Organic Law of Education 2/2006 (LOE) was established on May 3 and included new directions for citizenship education. The Division for Citizenship and Human Rights Education facilitated the project in collaboration with other sectors from the Council of Europe. Education should therefore overcome various obstacles and genuinely realize its goals, with consideration of the needs of society.