chapter  3
The pedagogy and the practice of community visioning: evaluating effective community strategic planning in rural Montana
ByPaul Lachapelle, Mary Emery, Rae Lynn Hays
Pages 16

The use of community visioning is increasingly cited as an efficient and effective means of identifying core community values, prioritizing goals and strategies, and implementing community plans, policies, and decisions (Aigner, Flora, Tirmizi, & Wilcox, 1999; Bloom, 2000; Bodeen & Hilliker, 1999; Christenson & Robinson, 1989; Flora & Flora, 2008; Green et al., 2001; Green & Haines, 2007; Kretzmann & McKnight, 1997; Peterson, 1995; Potapchuk, 1996; Walzer, 1996). Community visioning is a citizen-based planning process in which different sectors of a community collectively determine a desired future state and coordinate a plan of action. Ultimately, community visioning necessitates identifying and empowering diverse stakeholders within a community who are actively engaged throughout a community planning effort (Flora & Flora, 2008).