chapter  8
From market relations to romantic ties
The tests of internet dating
ByEmmanuel Kessous
Pages 15

This chapter considers the means of creating emotional attachments between heterosexual individuals – to simplify, romantic ties – using internet dating platforms. It focuses on the hurdles that singles have to overcome to switch from a posture formatted for public, market relations, to one more in tune with personal, emotional relationships. The chapter concerns the risk of being trapped in a 'position of reification' by potential lovers that precludes the emergence of emotional ties. It relates to the opportunities that constructing a profile affords for the presentation of the self in ways that are designed to strengthen ties of friendship and mutual aid. The chapter also concerns the salience of the initial contact and focuses on the singularities of the person selected, and from there to switch from the mode of market coordination – where the quality/price ratio in a situation of incomplete information can always be perfected – to the personal emotional value derived from the meeting.