chapter  3
Amplification and heterogeneity
Seniors and digital photographic practices
ByMaria Schreiber
Pages 18

This chapter explains the elderly and their ways of practising digital photography in their everyday lives. Personal photography has always had and still has various social functions, such as social bonding, communication, and demonstration of identity and the preservation and retention of memories. Research on the digitization of personal photography indicates shifts from family to individual use, from memory tools to communication devices and from sharing objects to sharing experiences. The empirical data show strong variations regarding how photography becomes meaningful and how photographic practices are structured. Digital technologies seem to add a new dimension to what has been done before, amplifying and reinforcing practices and challenging seniors to be more professional or more playful. The malleability of digital pictures becomes relevant in Bertl's case as a form of technical gimmickry, while for Sepp, the possibility of creating a missing piece of a story is the prevalent orientation.