chapter  3
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The Transformation of Russian Foreign Policy

WithAlvin Z. Rubinstein

At first, Russia's foreign policy debate centered on two competing conceptions: Atlanticism and Eurasianism. In Kozyrev's admonitions lay imbedded the outlines of Russia's emerging conception of its national interest. The conflicting outlooks of Russia and the United States, their erupting frictions, could not indefinitely hide behind professions of good intentions. Therefore every aspect of the multifaceted nuclear challenge impacts on all the others and Concerted action by the United States and Russia is the key to the success of these objectives, the specifics of which have been widely discussed in the scholarly literature. Although Russia has neither the capability nor the present inclination to reabsorb any of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) regions by force, it will use all the other instruments at its disposal to ensure that the domestic and foreign policy priorities of these states are congenial to Russian national interests.