chapter  3
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The United States Soontae An

The United States is the world’s largest advertising market and showed a 5.6 percent growth rate in 2010, while global advertising rebounded 10.6 percent to $503 billion that same year (Nielsen 2011). Regarding the media environment, there are four broadcast television networks with affiliate stations, plus cable networks, satellite networks, and a public broadcasting sector primarily supported by private grants. In 2010, the total advertising expenditure was $131.1 billion and television advertising spending remained robust, with an increase of 10.3 percent overall. Among television media, spot TV advertising rose 24.2 percent, compared to a 5.3 percent increase in network TV advertising. Spending on magazine advertising increased 2.9 percent, but newspaper advertising decreased by 3.5 percent. In contrast, Internet display ads rose 9.9 percent (Kantar Media 2011). The change in measured ad spending between 2010 and 2011 was just 0.8 percent, with total ad expenditures reaching $144.0 billion in 2011 (Kantar Media 2012).