chapter  4
Evil in Public Administration: A Contrary Perspective
ByH. George Frederickson
Pages 10

This chapter discusses Dubnick's central concerns regarding the concept of administrative or organizational evil. Although Dubnick's central concern is the establishment of a framework of responsible scholarship in this area, Dubnick, both directly and indirectly, facilitates an exploration of important considerations for any research program that has organizational evil at its subject. Although the character of modern administrations and organizations are considered in terms of a situational context, it is the cultivated and permanent habits and predispositions of organizational actors that facilitate the organizational decisions that are either good or evil. The logic of human experience is carefully integrated into any organizational evil research program. Dubnick's critique exposition of the administrative evil concept is presented. This exposition also outlines several key conditions to advance a more rigorous and holistic exploration of administrative evil. The chapter concludes the final condition for research into the etiology of administrative or organization evil namely, the test of human experience.