chapter  1
Social and Technical Aspects of Systems Analysis and Design
ByJohn Erickson, Keng Siau
Pages 8

Sociotechnical theory has served as an explanatory vehicle for information systems development and deployment for more than thirty years. In the competitive environment that most industries operate in, information systems are essential for solving problems, and gaining and maintaining competitive advantages. Understanding both the technical and behavioral aspects of systems is also a critical component of the systems development process. Information systems can often determine the success or failure of a business. Unfortunately, the overall success rates of systems development projects historically have been very low. The statistics cross industries, organization size, and national boundaries. Much research has been devoted to examining why systems fail so often and how they can be improved (Avison and Fitzgerald, 2003; Hardgrave et al., 2003; Schmidt et al., 2001; Smith et al., 2001; Siau et al., 1997).