chapter  5
Concept Generation
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Commercialization stage consists of initiatives that commercialize and ultimately launch the product and various activities will be undertaken in this stage such as market testing, launch preparation and new product forecasting. Market testing can be useful for identifying problems in the marketing plan that leads to revision of the marketing plan and can provide feedback that can be used to calculate revenue and unit volume forecasts as well. This testing can be broken down into three categories of techniques: pseudo-sale testing, controlled sale testing, and full-scale testing. One tool that is useful during pre launch preparation is the launch control protocol. In the same vein as the product protocol during the technical development phase, the launch protocol is used to monitor and control activities during the launch cycle by identifying key 'deliverables' or success measures during product launch. The new product forecasting process should highlight critical uncertainties inherent in developing the new product forecast such as cannibalization effects and market penetration.