chapter  6
Future Shock: The Case for Endowment
ByLorie A. Slutsky, Ani F. Hurwitz
Pages 8

This chapter focuses on the collective impact of giving and growing in the philanthropy conversation among women, which started in 2006. It made a name for the community foundation of Greater Dubuque and gave the organization a place at leadership tables. The community foundation of Greater Dubuque created its Women's Giving Circle (WGC) in 2007. It built a culture of giving in its service region by engaging donors of means. It engages and involves legions of individuals who serve nonprofits was the Endowment Building Toolkit. The toolkit creates to train affiliate board members, nonprofits board members and leaders about endowment building. Dale Goodman, executive director at Ewalu, interest in building the endowment and learned about the toolkit from the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. The six stories of empowerment and engagement at the community foundation of Greater Dubuque are countless examples of foundation staffers, board members, and nonprofits leaders sharing a passion for community building.