chapter  7
Community Foundations as Impact Multipliers
ByCarleen Rhodes
Pages 12

This chapter explores to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of community foundations, and California Community Foundations (CCF) own centennial in 2015. The society faces many of the age-old problems of poverty and fragmentation confronts in the past. The community foundation to play a leadership roles in its community, it is a vibrant, effective, and well-connected not-for-profit sector. CCFs major goals are to strengthen the infrastructure of Los Angeles County not-for-profits. The task is not always easy when dealing with 88 separate cities in a diverse Los Angeles County with a weak management service infrastructure. Collaboration plays a key role in arsenal seeks to leverage resources. It is a challenging and exciting time to lead a community foundation. The one-hundredth anniversaries of community foundations upon, celebrate past accomplishments, while continuing to refine and improve existing business models to address the needs of twenty-first-century America.