chapter  12
Growing Your Own: Stories About Mobilizing Philanthropic Leaders in Small Cities and Rural Communities
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The community foundation established the South Wood County Community Foundation in 1994, during a time of real prosperity not only in the paper industry but also within a rapidly expanding cranberry industry. Virginia Brazeau, a visionary fourth-generation cranberry grower, was struck by the basic premise of a community foundation to serve as a permanent resource to meet the changing needs of the community while expanding and democratizing philanthropy. Avilla Kilmurray, CEO of the Community Foundation of Northern Ireland, shares the important work the organization dos in a country such a rich heritage. Avilla explains the community foundation's role more than that of grantmaker, the foundation is deeply engages in programmatic and leadership work focuses on brokering peace and building social capital. Community Progress Initiative (CPI) programming, created and executed by community foundation and chamber of commerce staff, focused on two primary areas: creating a business-friendly culture and building a strong and positive community.