chapter  20
Community Foundation Leadership in the Second Century: Adaptive and Agile
Pages 17

Our story begins with this quote from Maya Angelou because the message is so simple and yet so powerful. Simple because its meaning is quite obvious: of course we do better when we know better; and powerful because in order to do better, we need to know better. To know better, we need to learn. We need to be inquisitive, to experience different ways of thinking and doing. To learn, we must open ourselves up to the contradictory feelings that emerge when we admit we don’t have all the answers. Learning requires reflection, adaptation, and humility. To learn means we need to grow our minds, our hearts, and our behavior . . . then something different happens. This is a story about what our community has learned; how we have collectively grown our minds, our hearts, and our behavior. It is a story about how we have done better because we know better. It is a story in its infancy . . . for as we continue to learn, we believe the best is yet to come.