chapter  2
A Mandate to Innovate
ByRonald B. Richard
Pages 14

This chapter focuses on community foundations are often the largest broad-purpose private entities solely on the chosen regions. Imagine the surprise of Cleveland Foundation founder Frederick Goff to encounter today's community foundation. It studies showcase agility as a community partner, convener, collaborator and instigator. The core brings money to the tables. Peoples are a community financing resource. It is the development office for communities. The need to think about one is raising the right kinds of money for communities to prosper. Nurtured by the Community Foundations Leadership Team of the Council on Foundations, the Merrill Lynch Community Charitable Fund successfully married financial firms marketing prowess with community foundations grantmaking expertise. Raising money to support the community leadership makes a lot of sense, particularly impact stokes the virtuous cycle of grants impact gifts. Rochesters African American Giving Initiatives raised additional money to publish a State of Black Rochester book, introducing growing numbers of prospective donors to the Community Foundation.