chapter  3
The Future of Community Foundations
ByEmmett D. Carson
Pages 16

This chapter explores the definition of community, collective decision making, and the evolution of a changing philanthropic community. Since 1991, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has managed a small grants program called the Neighborhood Fund. The program allows the community foundation invites to kitchen tables, living rooms, backyards, gardens, and playgrounds in a way most funders are not granted. The community development is a process based on how people live, work, and play in a specific neighbourhood, region, or place. It can be best described as the interplay of infrastructure and human progression. The value of community foundations all stakeholders, the donors entrust to help guide philanthropy. The community foundations philanthropic services department and a donor interested in parks and green space, the neighbourhood funds program officer was successful in securing funds to support a preschool playground and life trail for seniors. The community foundations stay up-to-date with advanced technology maintaining a simplistic, open-door approach to community leadership.