chapter  4
Tibetan Girls’ Education: Challenging Prevailing Theory
ByVilma Seeberg
Pages 34

In recent years I have gathered stories of girls clamoring for an education in remote corners of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The desire for education in this population has not only come to my attention but has made headlines nationally and internationally.1 When I funded a small scholarship for girls in a remote mountain village of Shaanxi Province, the girls wrote passionate letters promising eternal gratitude for enabling them to return to school. They told heart-wrenching stories of economic hardship and illness in their families, of having to give up their place in school to a younger brother, and their unyielding determination to stay in school despite it all.2 Heidi Ross, author of another chapter in this book, had a similar experience with scholarship girls in a neighboring county in Shaanxi.3 The girls’ stories revealed a resolute faith, seemingly held together by a mere thread of hope, that schooling would open new worlds, keep them from suffering the fate of their parents, and allow them to repay the latter for their sacrifices.