chapter  36
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Holistic Marketing: A Broad, Integrated Perspective to Marketing Management

WithKevin Lane Keller, Philip Kotler

Too often marketing is conducted in a fragmented, piecemeal fashion that results in suboptimal brand performance. Marketers overlook or fail to adequately incorporate important concerns that impact or are impacted by their decisions. Holistic marketing is the design and implementation of marketing activities, processes, and programs that reflect the breadth and interdependencies of their effects. Holistic marketing recognizes that “everything matters” with marketing-customers, employees, other companies, competition, as well as society as a whole-and that a broad, integrated perspective is necessary. Marketers must attend to a host of different issues and be sure that decisions in any one area are consistent with decisions in other areas. Four components of holistic marketing are internal marketing, integrated marketing, relationship marketing, and performance marketing. This chapter introduces the concept of holistic marketing and briefly addresses these four components.1